The Roof of the Church Started Leaking

Bill and I were expecting that this was going to start happening and we have already called up two or three contractors who we need to give us quotes on the job. I spent the morning with a guy who does commercial roof repair in Middlesex county NJ. It is not like we expect it to be easy for us to get the money, because even if there is water coming through the roof there are going to be people who do not want to pay for this. I am pretty sure that no one is going to like it a bit when we figure out what this is going to cost. Obviously it is going to be really expensive and it is not something which we have a lot of money set aside for. In fact we had to do a few things last summer to get the air conditioning back in shape.

In fact the sanctuary is like a greenhouse, because it faces the sun during services and the building has huge windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling. If there were trees to block some of the sun it would not let as much heat in the place, When the air conditioning stopped working right it was unbearable in that room. In fact we had to move down in to the basement where it was relatively easy to keep the place cool. It was impossible in that room and the only thing that we could do was to pay the guy to fix the unit. It was an old thing that was probably built back in the 1960’s and so it was not like it was all that modern or efficient. It is not going to be easy for us to figure out what to do now.