Started to Work on My New Blog

I have started to look for things about which to write for my blog and I have decided that I am going to focus on all of the wondrous things in this world. Of course we live on an amazing planet and there is always some new topic to discuss if you look hard enough. I need to find an audience and I figure that the big thing is going to be generating an interactive audience, which probably means that you need to employ controversy so far as it is both effective and does not become counterproductive. The big thing is whether or not you will be able to manage it. For instance when you talk about political subjects you are going to find that there is way too much polarization in the USA. There are many millions of people in this country who literally hate every person who has an opinion which does perfectly reflect their own.

Up to a point this is something that you can exploit, but it is like riding on the back of a killer whale. At the end of the day that orca is going to go where it wants to go and your opinion really is not all that important. You can exploit controversy, but you are going to have a very difficult time keeping it civil. For the most part you see web sites which are nothing more than echo chambers. It is all people on one end of the spectrum talking to one another and the only people who disagree are called trolls, some times very accurately. So if I start to talk about global warming for example, it is very much a certainty that it is going to attract people who are fanatical about two diametrically opposed views on that topic.