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ThoughtOffice is also available in specialty bundles that come installed with a custom selection of Expert Topic Modules:

ThoughtOffice CEO – Answer tough questions fast. Getting to the meat of your business couldn’t be easier. Have a portable MBA, PhD and Coach always on tap.

ThoughtOffice CEO is our most complete software package. Contains all 17 business topic modules.
Use for corporate strategic planning. Group innovation. Advertising and Marketing campaigns. To inspire great meetings. To provide incredible insights. Develop powerful business presentations. Devise brilliant growth strategies.

ThoughtOffice PR Professional – Packaged for the Public Relations professionals. Comes bundled with 6 expert communications topic modules. And all the materials you will need to craft killer headlines, expansive campaign angles, and winning press releases. Includes PR outline, documents, and samples of winning press releases.

ThoughtOffice Communicator – Master the art of communications. This package helps you write, speak, and command your audience with confidence. Develop powerful presentations with expert guidance. Equipped with 5 expert business topic modules focusing on communicating your ideas in writing and speech.

ThoughtOffice Coach and Consultant – Manage your executive business coaching practice and clients with one easy to use software program. Includes 7 expert business topic modules targeting key areas of consulting. Includes the Expert Consultant business module.

ThoughtOffice Inventor Software – Einstein dreamed of a program like this. With ThoughtOffice, turning your ideas into new inventions is faster then ever before. Includes the Expert Product Development module and four others especially suited for the innovators of today. More than 391,000 satisfied customers. Billions of dollars in real products developed with ThoughtOffice. Used by NOKIA, Apple, Mattel, NASA.

ThoughtOffice Muse (Novel Writing Software) – Writing poetry or novels could not be easier. This program comes bundled with Expert Writer; designed especially for poets and fiction writers. Provides the tools you need to write poetry, childrens literature, science fiction, romance, and horror novels. Create the perfect settings. Crisply defined characters. Conceive the perfect villain or hero. Includes 2 other expert topic modules: Expert Evaluator and Expert Speaker.

ThoughtOffice Comedy Writer Software – Comic relief is at your fingertips with ThoughtOffice Comic Genius.
Developed for the finest comic writers in the nation, this package will help you squeeze every last drop of comic juice out of that amazing melon of yours. Includes 4 expert topic modules. Ask Drew Carey how his writers stay sharp. And kick out killer comic genius at the 11th hour.

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