Internet Home Business & Heaven On Earth Life Coaching — Intutive To Do List Ticking Off Tip #1 This video actually started as a facebook/twitter hello then went way beyond three short paragraphs so I thought I’d make this into a video/vlog. I forgot to ask a few questions in the video, but added them in the blog:

So today is a brand new 3rd Thursday in March 2013!!! I like to say that. I like to think of each of my days like that. It seems to slow the day down a tad and it feels like it honours the passage of time a bit more in a time when time … Now moments, minutes, hours, days and years are passing very fast.

So today is a brand new Thursday.. the 3rd Thursday in March 2013.

What’s up for you today so far? What’s the top 1 thing you want to create/get done?

Remember to deep breathe, center in heart and check-in several times during the day to stay aligned with your inner, up-to-date Guidance.

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