life coach to become a life coach.become a life coach.self improvement books ,life coach to become a life coach.become a life coach.self improvement books,How to use two very powerful phrases to get to the heart of the matter at any point in the session.

How to streamline the session so you stay on track and forward moving

How to help your client create their perfect affirmation for them that comes from their subconscious mind.
You’ll be able to teach the client a powerful technique that uses affirmations as a way to clear their blocks, while nudging them forward, all the while, keeping them grounded in present.
How to use that affirmation as a “test” to see how well you helped clear the emotions that blocked your client’s success
How to achieve AUTHENTIC forgiveness.

How to find the good, in even the worst situations and experiences

Why “good” feelings can be just as damaging as “bad” feelings
You’ll learn about the upper limits of good energy and how it creates sabotage

How to help your client create a life from their affirmation, so that very clear suggestions come from their own subconscious minds, thus, the suggestions are personalized to them.
How to find the experiences that your clients had, which is creating familiar patterns of sabotage
How to clear those experiences of old feelings and perceptions, so they can powerfully come to their own sense of clarity.
How to use that clarity as a way to help clients get “back on track”.self improvement books
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